A first look at today's most important education news:

Fordham's latest

"Close reading of text: Has the Pioneer Institute misread the Common Core?," Kathleen Porter-Magee, Common Core Watch

Both presidential candidates discussed national education issues in segments for NBC’s Education Nation yesterday. (New York Times)

The Answer Sheet has the full transcript of Mitt Romney’s remarks from the event, including his assertion that it’s preferable to have one parent at home during a child’s early years of education. (Washington Post)

Romney also argued that teacher unions should be banned from making campaign contributions and advocated for parents’ role in education. (Washington Post / Wall Street Journal)

The United Federation of Teachers claims that New York City’s special-education reforms have resulted in overcrowding in many classes. (Gotham Schools)

A new report finds that schools sell 400 billion calories of junk food annually. (Mission Readiness)

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