Two Fordham Institute authors have new books out this fall and a pair of recent articles provided previews of these page-turners.

The Diverse Schools Dilemma: A Parent’s Guide to Socioeconomically Mixed Public Schools

Diverse Schools Dilemma

Should middle-class families “flee to the homogenous suburbs for excellent schools or stay urban for diverse but often struggling schools?” That’s the “Diverse Schools Dilemma” at the heart of Mike Petrilli’s new book, profiled in today’s Washington Post. Mike argues that gentrification provides a unique opportunity to integrate America’s inner-city schools as families that once might have moved to the suburbs look to stay in the city when their children reach school-age. The article describes how Mike’s expertise as an education analyst and personal experience as a D.C.-area parent led him to grapple with the dilemma through the book, now available on Amazon.

Exam Schools: Inside America’s Most Selective Public High Schools

Exam Schools

The Wall Street Journal reviewed Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Jessica Hockett’s introduction to America’s “exam schools,” the 165 academically selective public high schools that enroll more than 100,000 of the nation’s children. The review summarizes the history of “exam schools” and the qualities that set them apart from traditional high schools, as well as they challenges they face in tough economic times. The book is now available from the Princeton University Press and Amazon.

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