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The Education Gadfly

Tomorrow marks the tenth anniversary of the No Child Left
Behind Act, and Fordham’s redesigned website offered plenty of commentary and
analysis this week to help make sense of the NCLB decade:

  • Mike broke down the highlights—and
    lowlights—of NCLB here on Flypaper, before offering his thoughts on the next
    stage of federal involvement in education.
  • At Common Core Watch, Kathleen explained why the
    evolving iPod
    offers important insights into where NCLB went wrong.
  • On Thursday, Fordham hosted Mark Schneider, Eric
    Hanushek, and Charles Barone for a discussion of the legacy and future of the
    accountability movement. Get caught up by watching the replay of “Has
    the Accountability Movement Run Its Course?
    ” in its entirety and reading
    Schneider’s recent
    of math performance in the era of accountability-based reform.

In other news…

  • Kathleen accepted Diane Ravitch’s challenge
    to take a standardized test and publish the results, reflecting on why testing
    is valuable.
  • Over at the Ohio Gadfly Daily, Bianca examined
    the Dayton Public Schools’ latest
    financial mess
  • Chris made the case for granting principals greater
    in setting their teachers’ pay on the Stretching the School
    Dollar blog, while Peter lauded D.C.’s trailblazing merit
    pay program
    on Board’s Eye View.
  • Peter also analyzed Andrew Cuomo’s State
    of the State Address
    and wondered whether New York has the nation’s next “education

Be sure to explore all the features and blogs on the new www.edexcellence.net. Happy NCLB Day!

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