Fordham's Ohio team posted to two can't-miss items this morning. First, Terry Ryan penned a strong rebuke of Diane Ravitch's scathing take on Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's promising plan to reform the city's schools. As Terry writes,

    What Diane calls
    an attack on teachers is actually an honorable response to a brutally tough
    dilemma facing a city that has to shrink its overall number of schools and
    teachers. Mayor Jackson's plan is an honest effort to do this in a way that
    will result in fewer, but better, schools. It is in fact a brave effort to try
    and make the best of a truly difficult situation.

    The Buckeye State office followed that up by posting video from yesterday's fascinating discussion in Columbus on the challenges and opportunities of Common Core implementation. Below you can stream Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction Stan Heffner and Achieve, Inc. President Michael Cohen on this crucial topic.

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