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The Education Gadfly

Apple had Fordham’s bloggers all abuzz this week: On Common
Core Watch, Kathleen cautioned that expense and questionable durability would keep
iPads from replacing textbooks anytime soon
, while Chris countered at
Stretching the School Dollar that betting
against Steve Jobs’ company tends to be a losing proposition
. On Flypaper, Checker
used Apple’s outsourcing of iPhone production to China
to question whether America’s
economic future may depend on our schools’ ability to teach hard work and diligence

Fordham’s newest blogger, Choice Words editor Adam Emerson,
argued that participants in the current school choice debate might
benefit from a history lesson
. Terry wrote on the Ohio Gadfly Daily that Ohio
Governor John Kasich could learn
a thing or two about school funding
from Florida’s Rick Scott. On the national front,
Mike warned that while many in Washington
praise ESEA flexibility in theory, they are more
than a little uncomfortable with increased state autonomy
in education.

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