The release of The
State of State Science Standards 2012
was Fordham’s biggest news this week—Checker
and Kathleen discussed why
it matters
on Flypaper—but bloggers on the Gadfly Daily still commented on
everything from the latest education studies to the future of reading

Terry Ryan and KnowledgeWorks’ Lisa Duty celebrated Digital
Learning Day on Thursday by laying out what
it will take to make the Buckeye State a digital learning leader
in 2012 on
the Ohio Gadfly Daily. On
Flypaper, Checker reflected on Jack
Jennings’s legacy at the Center on Education Policy
and Mike wondered
whether the knowledge and skills we test are really
the ones needed for economic success

On Choice Words, Adam Emerson previewed
a forthcoming study
that pokes a hole in the claim that school vouchers and
tax credit scholarships skim only the best students from public schools. Chris
Tessone explained on Stretching the School Dollar why
MBAs won’t save district schools
, while on Common Core Watch Kathleen Porter-Magee
profiled the tension
between reading strategies
favored by the Common Core and those laid out in
the best-selling book Teach Like a

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