Last month, the U.S. Department of Education released an analysis of the federal School Improvement Grants program, which invests in persistently underperforming schools with the expectation that they will turn around. The early results of its most recent $3-billion infusion?  “Mixed.”

And yesterday, we were joined by three leading voices on urban schooling for a full-on SIG Smackdown: the Department of Education's Carmel Martin, Bellwether Education and Fordham edu-wonk Andy Smarick, and former Chicago schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard.

The event also played out on Twitter. See the whole timeline of events on the event page.

Carmel boarded the carousel first, making the claim that the SIG program has the potential to turn schools around—if we give it more time:

Raring to go, Andy Smarick began dismantling the SIG carousel horse by horse:

Unfortunately, Andy forgot one key detail:

Jean-Claude Brizard, former CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, gave us all a reality check:

Thanks to all who attended. You can now watch the smackdown for yourself.

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