Bellwether Education Partners

I love my job, and I’m looking for someone to join the fun and become the newest member of my Bellwether team.

Maybe you?  Maybe someone you know?

In short, I work on 1) a wide array of really interesting research and writing projects (including blogging here!) and 2) an even wider array of initiatives designed to help ed reform organizations get better at various parts of their jobs.

That means in the span of a few days, I might work on projects related to teacher preparation, charters, educator evaluations, Common Core, common assessments, blended learning, nonpublics/choice, accountability systems, SEA reform, and portfolio management.

I’m looking for someone to lend a hand on all of this stuff.  S/he would do lots of research, help write and edit, and serve as a sounding board and thought partner.  S/he would also have the chance to think up new projects and new approaches to existing work.  There’s much room for entrepreneurialism and professional growth.

I’m hoping to find someone sharp, creative, hardworking, dedicated to this work, and nice.

The position will provide the opportunity to dive into the major issues of the day and get to know many of the most important and influential organizations in the field.

And this person will get to be part of the amazing Bellwether team.  I have the best colleagues around, so this work is as fun as it is rewarding.

If you’re interested, you can learn more here.

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