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"Cage-busting leadership," by Brandon Wright, Education Gadfly Weekly

Gov. Andrew Cuomo reveals his education agenda for New York, which includes longer school days and years, expanding pre-k, and creating a “master-teacher” system.  (Huffington Post)

A study unveiled Tuesday found that a sampling error in the PISA test had undervalued U.S. educational achievement. In fact, it argues that low-income students gained ground on their international peers. (Hechinger Report, Answer Sheet, and Curriculum Matters)

As promised, more than 8,000 NYC school-bus drivers went on strike this morning, leaving around 152,000 students stranded on a rainy day. Though most NYC students take public transportation to school, many of those affected were students with disabilities. (Chicago Tribune, New York Post, and New York Times)

Education Week warns of an “unprecedented logjam” of education laws awaiting the new Congress for renewal.

A study finds that young girls taught by a female elementary school teacher get a learning boost if that teacher had a strong mathematics background—but are also set back if that teacher does not. (Education Week)

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