A first look at today's most important education news:

Fordham's latest

"Mike Petrilli's testimony on Indiana and the Common Core," by Pamela Tatz, Flypaper

At the heart of President Obama’s gun-control plan, announced yesterday, are a slew of programs aimed at improving school safety and access to mental-health services. (Politics K–12)

As feared, the school-bus strike in New York City disproportionately affected special-education students, who account for a third of school-bus passengers. More than 50 percent of NYC’s special-ed students failed to reach school yesterday. (SchoolBook and Wall Street Journal)

Class Struggle profiles Cristo Rey, a network of Catholic private schools serving primarily low-income families that ensures its financial survival by having its students work one day a week in clerical jobs. (Shout-out to our own Cristo Rey kids around the D.C. office!)

A new report denounces Mississippi’s “school-to-prison pipeline,” which was also subject to the Justice Department’s attention not three months ago. (New York Times)

Slate Magazine takes a skeptical stance on the benefits of pre-k for most families, citing research that says it only provides value-added for disadvantaged kids.

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