A first look at the most important education news from this weekend and today:

Fordham's latest

"What’s right with Montgomery County," by Harold Kwalwasser, Flypaper

"Catching up from the holidays," by Andy Smarick, Flypaper

StudentsFirst’s 2013 State Policy Report Card, released today, graded states on their public school policies. If you find yourself in D.C. on Wednesday morning, be sure to drop by Fordham for a discussion with reform leaders on the state of education. (New York Times, CNN, Flypaper, and StudentsFirst)

Last year, Governor Andrew Cuomo set January 17 as a deadline for NYC and its teacher union to reach a deal on evaluations; but with that date just ten days away, talks are rapidly disintegrating. (Wall Street Journal and New York Times)

In the latest escalation of the teacher-evaluation drama in NYC, the teacher union is furious after Mayor Bloomberg drew a comparison between the union and the N.R.A. last Friday. (Answer Sheet and New York Times)

According to the Washington Post, charter schools in D.C. expelled 676 students in the last three years, while traditional schools expelled just twenty-four.

A New York Times op-ed profiles the enrollment crisis in Catholic parochial education.

NYC school officials are scrambling to prepare for a possible strike by the city’s school bus drivers. (New York Times and Wall Street Journal)

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