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"Trust but verify: The real lessons of Campbell’s Law," by Kathleen Porter-Magee, Common Core Watch

Mathematica Policy Research finds that KIPP charter schools produce major achievement gains(Charters & Choice and Huffington Post)

New York charter school run by the UFT, despite mixed student-achievement results and money problems, was granted a two-year reprieve by its authorizer—meaning it must make progress or be shuttered in 2015. (SchoolBook and Wall Street Journal)

Studies find that graduates of community colleges are out-earning bachelor’s degree holders. (Hechinger Report)

Curious about how sequestration could affect education? Politics K–12 breaks it down.

Though studies show that males outperform females in single-event math contests, a new study on multi-round math events finds that girls perform equal to or better than boys in the later rounds. (Huffington Post)

A new report finds that just half of first-time college students graduate within six years. (New York Times)

Immediately after Mexico’s president signed a historic education-reform package, police arrested Elba Esther Gordillo—the woman who led the powerful teacher union for two decades and is often referred to as the “Kingmaker” for her hold on Mexican politics—for embezzlement. (Wall Street Journal)

The teacher of a Common Core–aligned English class raves about the new curriculum. (Education Week)

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