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"The wheels of churn in our schools," by Kevin Pack, Ohio Gadfly Daily

With a possible sequestration just a day away, the rhetoric mounts: Secretary Dunan warns of millions of dollars in cuts to Title I and special education(National Public Radio, Politics K–12, and On Special Education)

After facing criticism that they have been more lenient with charters, the Chicago Public Schools board plans to get tough on underperforming charters(Chicago Tribune)

While visiting New York, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak announced his support for providing kids with breakfast in the classroom rather than in the cafeteria—a policy Mayor Bloomberg has opposed. (Wall Street Journal)

A disability and a literacy group have teamed up with a common goal: All children, including those with learning disabilities like dyslexia, should be reading on grade level by third grade. (On Special Education)

survey of teachers finds, among other things, that teachers spend an average of thirty-five more minutes per day on reading than on math in grades K–3. (Curriculum Matters)

Education Week profiles the push to get states on the same page with regards to identifying English language learners.

A study finds that a performance-bonus system that employed student academic-growth goals helped to improve student achievement. (Teacher Beat)

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