A first look at today's most important education news:

Fordham's latest

"Districts can compete effectively for kids in a choice world," by Terry Ryan, Flypaper

A new Boston school-assignment plan that looks not only at geography but also at quality, proposed by MIT doctoral student Peng Shi, faces a committee vote today. (New York Times)

In Alabama, debates rage over a tax-credit-scholarship program and Common Core implementation. (Education Week)

A new report finds that the racial achievement gap in Montgomery County schools has grown wider in a number of measures of academic achievement. (Washington Post)

California is set to consider offering college students a statewide system of online courses for credit. (Wall Street Journal)

In the District of Columbia, the median charter school academically outperforms the median traditional public school. (Washington Post)

According to a study, the difficulty of Algebra I and Geometry classes vary widely; 32 percent of 2005 high school grads took a “rigorous” Algebra I course, while just 21 percent took a rigorous Geometry course. (Education Week)

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