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"Does the percentage of students taking AP exams explain state level results?," by Aaron Churchill, Ohio Gadfly Daily

Chicago’s fifty-four school closures has communities in an uproar. The Chicago Sun Times contends that students at a third of the closed schools will not be attending schools better than the ones they are leaving. Mayor Emanuel stands his ground. (Huffington Post and Chicago Sun Times)

After losing funding via sequestration, school-district advocates are asking for greater flexibility with the funds they do have. (Politics K-12)

Though girls outperform boys in high school, boys make up nearly 60 percent of New York City’s top specialized high schools. (New York Times)

After a federal investigation, a Mississippi high school has agreed to end discriminatory disciplinary practices in which black students face more severe punishment than whites. (Huffington Post)

According to a new report from the National Catholic Education Association, Catholic school enrollment remains on the decline. (Charters & Choice)

The federal government is seeking homegrown “digital warriors.” (New York Times)

New Jersey is considering a state takeover of the Camden school district. (Wall Street Journal)

An anti-Common Core movement in Michigan is ramping up. (Curriculum Matters)

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