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"Kasich plan good, but needs more accountability, flexibility," by Emmy Partin, Ohio Gadfly Daily

The Los Angeles school-board election, which will impact the nation’s second-largest school district, has drawn attention—and dollars. The LA Times profiles the candidates here. (New York Times and Los Angeles Times)

Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wyoming, after much hemming and hawing, become the latest (and possibly last) states to apply for NCLB waivers. (Politics K–12)

Many of the thirty-four states (plus the District of Columbia) that do have NCLB waivers are still negotiating with the Education Department over teacher-evaluation systems. (Education Week)

Whites and Asians make up only a third of NYC’s elementary school population but more than 70 percent of the gifted-and-talented-program enrollment. (Wall Street Journal)

Fixing Native American schools remains an intractable problem; teachers struggle to make curricula meaningful to Native students’ lives. (Hechinger Report)

How to handle the issue of cheating when the test is administered online? MOOC providers consider their options. (New York Times)

Catholic schools, which have seen a steep drop in enrollment within the last decade, tout Latino outreach as a possible answer to their problem. (Huffington Post)

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