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"The end of the testing consortia as we know it?," by Andy Smarick, Flypaper

Florida teachers are suing over the state’s teacher-evaluation formula, which allegedly evaluates some teachers based on students or subjects they don’t teach. (Education Week, Eduwonk, New York Times, and Washington Post)

The Chicago Teachers Union zeroes in on ousting Mayor Rahm Emanuel. (Huffington Post)

Boston parents struggle to explain the tragedy to their children, many of whom are on spring break. (Huffington Post)

A study finds that funding for charter schools is $4,000-per-pupil less than traditional public school funding. (Charters & Choice)

The nonprofit inBloom, which aggregates student and teacher data in the service of personalized learning, is planning to increase its data flow, despite controversy over privacy. (Digital Education)

The crafters of the Common Core math standards release a guide on aligned instructional materials. (Education Week)

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