A first look at today's most important education news:

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"By the Company It Keeps: Smarter Balanced," by Andy Smarick, Common Core Watch

As a result of budget cuts, NAEP will scale back its social-studies exam, offering it to only eighth graders for the time being. (Curriculum Matters and Politics K–12)

City councilmembers in Takoma Park, MD, have lowered the voting age to sixteen for city elections; the law takes effect in fifty days. (Associated Press)

Chicago is set to try a program that blends math tutoring with an anti-violence counseling intervention. (Curriculum Matters)

A new report argues that when their third grader cheats on a test, parents should not overreact; first and second graders are typically taught to work together, and the new focus on independent learning can be confusing. (Wall Street Journal)

Federal data find that states’ teacher exams are too easy to pass. (Education Week)

A report finds that the youngest English-language learners benefit most from dual-language instruction. (Learning the Language)

Yesterday in San Francisco, six current and former school district employees were charged with embezzling $15 million in grant money from the district. (Huffington Post)

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