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"Coalition of high performing charter schools discusses laws with Senate," by Angel Gonzalez, Ohio Gadfly Daily

Yesterday, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that the state’s current method of funding its voucher program is unconstitutional. To keep the program alive, proponents will have to find a new funding method. (Answer Sheet, Associated Press, Huffington Post, and Charters & Choice)

In California, which abolished affirmative action back in 1996, universities reach out to disadvantaged students early on. (New York Times)

The Brookings Institute argues that college is not necessarily a smart investment for everybody. (Brookings)

With an eye on the big picture, Mike Petrilli reminds us that both poverty and schools matter. (HechingerEd)

A group of English language arts teachers is pushing back against machine-scored writing in common assessments. (Curriculum Matters)

A new report finds that community colleges have very low expectations of incoming students—which those students don’t wind up living up to. (Hechinger Report)

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