A first look at the most important education news from this weekend and today:

Fordham's latest

"Repairing the conservative school-reform coalition," by Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Michael J. Petrilli, Flypaper

"Some early-summer reads, part I," by Andy Smarick, Flypaper

"By The Company It Keeps: Mashea Ashton," by Andy Smarick, Flypaper

On Tuesday, the Kansas state board of education joined those of Rhode Island and Kentucky in adopting the Next Generation Science Standards (though Kentucky’s adoption remains conditional upon a regulatory process to come). (Associated Press and Curriculum Matters)

Governor Perry signed a bill that reduces the number of state tests students are required to take prior to graduation from fifteen to five. (Education Gadfly Weekly, Curriculum Matters, and Huffington Post)

Starting next month, a Colorado school district will try out a controversial new teacher-pay system: Different categories of teachers—based on the subject and grade level taught—will be on different pay scales. (Reuters)

A Los Angeles Times op-ed contemplates why, even as American women make educational gains, American men are falling behind, dragging U.S. educational competitiveness down with them—and how to fix the problem.

The Hechinger Report profiles the New Haven teacher union’s cooperation with their school district on achievement-based teacher evaluations.

With transitions to the Common Core on the horizon, states consider whether all students need to take Algebra 2. (Education Week)

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