A first look at the most important education news from this weekend and today:

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"By the Company It Keeps: Kathleen Porter-Magee," by Andy Smarick, Flypaper

"Conservatives on the Common Core: A media round-up," by Michelle Gininger, Flypaper

After Congress’s inaction last month caused student-loan interest rates to double, the Senate scheduled a procedural vote on a Democratic-backed measure to return rates to 3.4 percent—but a fracture within the Democratic party stymied those efforts. (Politics K–12, Associated Press, and New York Times

The California State Board of Education has delayed making a decision on whether to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards until the fall. (Los Angeles Times)

The Oceans of Data Institute will develop digital tools and curriculum materials, perform research, and host workshops in support of blending “big data” into K–16 coursework. (Curriculum Matters)

A study finds that student engagement is more than just student behavior: Emotion and cognition are key factors, and “what works to improve students’ behavior only sometimes engages them emotionally and cognitively.” (Inside School Research)

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