A first look at the most important education news from this weekend and today:

Fordham's latest

"The Soviets and the Common Core," by Terry Ryan, Ohio Gadfly Daily

"A charter incubator goes to the capital," by Adam Emerson, Choice Words

The House of Representatives passed a rewrite of No Child Left Behind called the “Student Success Act”; no Democrats voted for the bill. (New York Times, Washington Post, Politics K–12, and Huffington Post)

According to the New York Times, the battle to unseat Paul Vallas—the hard-charging, reform-y superintendent for Bridgeport, Connecticut—“highlights the divisiveness of change in American education.”

The AFT releases a poll finding that public school parents don’t support recent education-policy changes. (Washington Post)

Coursera seeks to enter the Chinese market—but has run into a heap of red tape. (New York Times)

A number of community colleges in California are threatened with the loss of their accreditation. (Los Angeles Times)

The New York Times profiles Teach for America alumni who were sent into Delta communities and stayed beyond their two-year commitment.

In light of the news that almost two-dozen children were fatally poisoned by school lunches in Bihar, India, Sarah Garland recalls lessons learned during a trip to the region in 2011. (Hechinger Report)

Rick Hess offers his two cents on Detroit’s lack of dollars. (Rick Hess Straight Up)

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