A first look at the most important education news from this weekend and today:

Fordham's latest

"Farewell but not goodbye," by Kathleen Porter-Magee, Common Core Watch

"By the Company It Keeps: Howard Fuller," by Andy Smarick, Flypaper

"Chicken Little goes to school," by Chester E. Finn, Jr., Flypaper

On Wednesday, the Senate approved a bipartisan plan tying college-student-loan interest rates to the market; President Obama endorsed the compromise, while a block of liberal Democrats—led by Senator Elizabeth Warren—are against it. (New York Times, NPR, Politics K–12, Education Week, and Answer Sheet)

A new study finds that the well being of immigrant students varies greatly by and economic status—and that in some cases, the children of immigrants do better than children of the same race who were born to U.S.-born parents. (Inside School Research and NBC Latino)
Education Week
profiles the difficulties charter schools face in finding affordable facilities.

Schoolzilla, a data toolset developed by the Aspire charter school network, is being turned into its own separate, commercial enterprise. (Charters & Choice)

A newly developed “early-warning system” seeks to identify students at risk of dropping out of high school as early as the first grade—but the model isn’t without its kinks. (Education by the Numbers)

A new survey finds that 85 to 89 percent of surveyed African American voters in four Southern states want as many educational choices as possible. (Charters & Choice)

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