We’re honored and humbled by the news that the EWA named Flypaper the best blog in the “education organizations and experts” category of its annual awards. We always thought Flypaper readers had great taste; now it’s official.

Second prize went to FERPA Fact, a publication of the Student Press Law Center and Ray Salazar of The White Rhino: A Chicago Latino English Teacher. Education Sector’s The Quick and the Ed received a special citation.

In explaining their decision, the judges wrote,

The benefit of Mike Petrilli's blogs is that each unfolds clearly and intelligently to make its point about a range of ed issues he's familiar with -- and which he introduces to the reader in a fair manner. His tone is open and respectful -- not only of those he disagrees with, but of the reader, who may not be the same ed policy wonk he is.
Petrilli reminds me favorably of Malcolm Gladwell. The other contributors are well-versed in the topics they write about while still writing in a way that could engage a wider audience than educators.

Are you new to Flypaper? Read the seven posts that cinched the award below.

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