Today the Ohio Department of Education releases troves of performance data about the state's public schools. Fordham once again provided quick-turnaround, city-by-city analyses of public school performance in the Buckeye state's eight major urban areas. You can read those reports here.

A few highlights about Ohio's biggest cities:

  • ??Cincinnati is Ohio's top-performing urban district and when you break down the data, the district's outstanding performance is clear. Forty-three percent of the district's students attend a school rated A or B by the state, and just four percent attend an F-rated school. Further, 88 percent of students in the Queen City attend a school that met or exceeded state value-added expectations.
  • Kudos to Cleveland's charter schools for the academic strides they are making. Three years ago, 42 percent of Cleveland charter students were in an F-rated school and just nine percent were in an A school. Today, the percentage in F schools has nearly dropped by half (to 21 percent) and the percentage in A schools has more than doubled (to 20 percent). Furthermore, six of that city's ten top-performing schools are charter schools.
  • In Columbus, just four percent of charter school students attend a school that didn't meet the state's value-added expectations (compared to 14 percent of district students and 21 percent of all ???Big 8??? public school students).

And as Jamie promised, we'll keep up the analysis through a two-week blog series in partnership with our friends at Public Impact. Stay tuned to Flypaper for more!

-Emmy Partin

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