Each year, the Fordham Ohio team does an analysis of urban school performance in August when statewide achievement data?are released. We've been doing this analysis for many years, reporting on the number of Ohio students in the Buckeye State's ?Big 8? districts (the largest eight urban districts) attending schools rated A-F, achieving various levels of expected growth (value-added), comparing this to students in charter schools statewide, and conducting city-by-city analyses that incorporate many different metrics.

With the help of our friends at Public Impact, we'll be doing it again this year and will be releasing various findings over the course of the next two to three weeks, so stay tuned.?

On tap this year are some new analyses, including: a comparison of performance and growth of charters by charter type (conversion v. start-up) and authorizer type (of which Ohio has many); a look at growth of schools over time (and exploring whether the recent changes to Ohio's value-added system impact how many schools end up meeting ?expected growth?); a look at performance and growth among high-poverty schools, and more.?

Stay tuned!

-Jamie Davies O'Leary

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