As you are likely well aware, we are in the midst of School
Choice Week, not only here in Ohio but nationwide. Numerous events have been
going on all throughout the Buckeye State to help commemorate.  One such event that I had the privilege to
attend was a luncheon, hosted on Tuesday by School
Choice Ohio
and Forum for Educational
Options at the Statehouse to celebrate the myriad of choice options
that youngsters have here . The event was a way to not only a way to talk about
school choice options, but also highlight a number of choice schools that are
doing great things in the type of education they are providing, whether that be
digital learning, special needs, or college prep.

The immense diversity in Ohio’s school landscape speaks to
the fact that one size fit all doesn’t always work for children and their
families. Ohio’s school choice options include the following:

  • Special Needs Schools
  • Distance Learning & E-schools
  • Dropout Recovery Schools
  • Career Preparatory Schools
  • Vouchers/Scholarships
  • English Language Learners Schools
  • College Preparatory Schools
  • STEM Schools
  • Home Education
  • Charter Schools
  • District Schools

School Choice Ohio also recognized schools and school
leaders that are thinking creatively about what it means to educate children
and as a result are achieving outstanding academic results in the face of many
adversities. One such school is located in Fordham’s hometown of Dayton, The
Dayton Early College Academy. DECA
is a college preparatory school offering students the chance to take courses
that count towards both a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree. Congrats
to DECA for being recognized as being an excellent school choice options for
students in Dayton.

DECA was not the only school recognized, others lauded
include: Marburn
in Columbus, DePaul
Cristo Rey High School
in Cincinnati, and
Butler Tech in Hamilton. Kudos
to School Choice Ohio and Forum for Educational
Options for hosting, and lifting up the numerous examples of
school choice options providing quality education to students around the state.

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