1. Fascinating discussion on the first proposal of a modernized education section of Ohio's Constitution. Among the proposals, removal of that favorite sacred cow: “thorough and efficient system”. Let the fireworks begin! (Gongwer Ohio)
  2. Yesterday’s clip barrage failed to note specifically that the "loophole" exempting students using vouchers from the provisions of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee  would be closed if the House-passed education MBR bill remains unchanged in the Senate. Most of the big players are singing from the same hymnal on this one, so expect it to go through. (Columbus Dispatch)
  3. In what is likely a sign of things to come in Columbus, the Dispatch today reports on some identified data scrubbers in other districts – including two superintendents – who will lose their licenses forever over their part in data tampering. (Columbus Dispatch)
  4. This is interesting: discussion of PARCC field testing in a Bowling Green-area vocational school. Technology was not a problem, difficulty of the test was remarked upon by kids and adults alike, the potential “hammering” of students with testing next year was remarked upon only by adults. (Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune)
  5. Community Learning Center advocates have descended on Cincinnati this week, discussing best practices to help schools fully support the students and families they serve. Yesterday’s guest commentary in the Enquirer indicates that Cincinnati is already a leader in this area. (Cincinnati Enquirer)
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