1. A group of lawmakers pledged yesterday to introduce legislation to require what they say will be more transparency and accountability for operators and sponsors of charter schools. This was, of course, covered all over the state. Fordham’s Chad Aldis was quoted on the topic by the Dispatch. (Columbus Dispatch)
  2. Chad was not included in reports on the announcement in Cleveland (Plain Dealer) or in Akron. (Beacon Journal)
  3. Here’s the first of two stories from Zanesville about the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. The first one discusses the results of the first test last fall in several local districts, along with discussion of what is being done to help those students who did not pass. Says Zanesville’s Title 1 coordinator: “I never have a problem with accountability. I don’t feel any panic or trepidation toward the test at all.” Nice. (Zanesville Times Recorder)
  4. And, if it’s so good for traditional district and charter school students, the provisions of the TGRG should apply to voucher students at private schools as well. (Zanesville Times Recorder)
  5. Tussles over public schools wanting to hold graduation ceremonies in church buildings are not new in Ohio. Here’s a new one from Toledo that involves a statewide virtual school and a nationwide organization who is weighing in against that possibility. (Toledo Blade)
  6. The proposed Berkshire/Newbury district consolidation is now on hold, ostensibly due to budget concerns…as in not enough information on what the combo district’s budget would or could be. (Willoughby News-Herald)
  7. Talk about meeting families where they live! A program of direct, in-home preparation for children before starting Kindergarten is getting underway in Springfield. Sounds great to me! (Springfield News Sun)
  8. Just to put the cherry on top of this part of the sundae, I wanted to confirm via news clip that Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins did indeed vote yesterday to break city council's tie and award a use permit to Horizon Science Academy. There’s still the small matter of Toledo Public Schools’ Head Start grant, but that’s going to keep me in clips work for a while yet. (Toledo Blade)
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