Most of us are aware by now that Franklin Regional High School, near Pittsburgh, was recently the site of a terrible act of violence. That district also happens to be my home school. There, I had the good fortune to learn under the tutelage of many superb educators. The tragic consequences of the human condition struck home for me, as I’m sure they have for the families of Chardon, Columbine, Sandy Hook, and just last week for the parents and students of Liberty Elementary in Columbus. 

Yet I also caught a glimpse, through the news feeds, of humankind at its finest and bravest: Principal Sam King—a good man whom I remember from my high-school days—helping to disarm the assailant and young men and women casting themselves into harm’s way to save each other’s lives. The light of men shone through, even in the darkest moment. My prayers and best wishes go out to my alma mater.

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