1. I’m just catching up to this story from last week, but it’s not often you get a state board of education member on the record, so here it is. District 1 Rep Ann Jacobs discussed Common Core, charter schools, urban schools, education for special needs students, and the Straight A Fund, among other topics.  (Lima News)
  2. As we have mentioned before, Lorain City Schools are currently being overseen by an Academic Distress Commission. Well, it's progress report time, including a review of governance, leadership, curriculum instruction, professional development, assessments, fiscal management, and student support, among other topics.  (Northern Ohio Morning Journal)
  3. We’ve reported this already, but I think it bears mentioning again, especially after yesterday’s frankly ridiculous story from Zanesville: only minor bugs were evident in the first PARCC field tests across Ohio earlier this month. And the results don’t count because it was a system test. (WKSU-FM, Kent)
  4. You've got to dig to get to the main point here, but there’s a lot to it if you do. We have reported on the education of juvenile prisoners before, and because Common Core is the law of the land around here, aligned materials are making their way behind bars also. The story is about the bid/buy process that the DRC has to go through for educational materials. This is a very direct example of a comment our own Mike Petrilli made before Ohio legislators last November: the state helping to connect educators to the very highest quality materials. But perhaps a no-bid contract and high-fives for McGraw-Hill isn’t what he was talking about. (Gongwer Ohio)
  5. No jokes; no judgment. This is reality for a lot of kids in Ohio and every adult involved is clearly pulling for Austin and Ciara. It is important that an online school exists here, now. (Newark Advocate)
  6. We started in Lima, and so conclude in Lima with an interesting story discussing efforts in the area to integrate students with special needs more fully into traditional classrooms. Nice. (Lima News)
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