1. You’ve probably already seen Mighty Mike Petrilli's quote in the AP story on NAEP scores, but did you know it hit the front page here in Columbus? “Above the fold” still means something to this old feller! (Columbus Dispatch)
  2. This story is a mess, connecting and conflating a raft of pending education legislation in the Ohio General Assembly under the heading of “buried”. Common Core, charter school accountability, PARCC testing, and teacher evaluation are all name-checked. Try to make sense of it at your peril. (Daily Reporter)
  3. My sense around here is that good teachers don't fear the new PARCC exams, even if some of their students have some anxiety about the changes. To quote from this StateImpact piece: “I have very high expectations of all my students, and I don’t lower them,” says a teacher in Lorain City Schools who appears to get it.  “And I think our teaching needs to adapt to the test a little bit, and we need to change how we’re explaining things and our wording… And the kids will get there. It just won’t happen overnight.” Nice. (StateImpact Ohio)
  4. The Plain Dealer has a set of stories today regarding the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. It begins with what is, hands down, the best (in-depth, factual, balanced) FAQ about the TGRG that I have ever read. OMG! (PD)
  5. The remainder of the stories are very nice district-specific snapshots of what TGRG has looked like for the school year so far and for the remainder of this year and into next, mostly in suburban Cleveland districts:
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