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Here’s a taste of what we were commenting on last week:

  • Fordham’s Chad Aldis had the best time ever on the radio yesterday morning, talking Common Core with two knowledgeable hosts and debating with Rep. Andy Thompson and Dr. Terrence Moore with their feisty assistance. It was great fun to listen to, and the comments underneath the post on the website are insightful as well. (IdeaStream/WCPN-FM, Cleveland)
  • Lots of newspapers around the state and into West Virginia today note that the education MBR bill passed the House yesterday and is headed on to the Senate, with lots to talk about for dropout recovery, charter-school accountability, voucher programs, and all the things we love. Here is the Dispatch's take on the bill. (Columbus Dispatch)
  • Speaking of dropout recovery, here is a story in the continuing series about high-school dropouts in Ohio—a very personal one about a woman from Cleveland who actually dropped out of school in seventh grade due to early reading difficulties. She is now a mother of three and has learned to read at age 30. What a great story. (WKSU-FM, Kent)
  • Budget cuts in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s 2014–15 budget have been reduced from $21M to $5M, and maximum cuts for the largest buildings have been capped at $400K. Huh. I usually only find a dollar or two when I dig into the couch cushions. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

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