Chester E. Finn, Jr., Bruno V. Manno, and Gregg Vanourek

While we're on the subject of charter schools, the Princeton University Press has just issued the paperback edition of this study by Bruno Manno, Gregg Vanourek and myself, incorporating a new preface that updates some of the data and discusses some recent developments in the charter world. Especially if you waited because the hardcover version was a mite dear, you may want to have a look now. The book is based on extensive fieldwork in charter schools around the country and quite a lot of data gathering. It's bullish but not sanguine about the potential of charter schools to transform U.S. public education. The ISBN (for the paperback edition) is ISBN: 0-691-09008-4. You can get it directly from the publisher (surf to or from the usual sources of good books.

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