Even as negotiators announced the first concrete details of the new Denver pay for performance plan for teachers (see here for a profile of the program), its future is in jeopardy because of a looming conflict with the local union over pay, scheduling, and curricular issues. The union has already notified the district that it might consider a strike and the two sides are set to go to arbitration. Both say the conflict should not endanger the landmark scheme, called ProComp, which will pay bonuses for working in hard-to-staff schools and for increasing student test scores, satisfactory evaluations, and further education. But one thing might endanger it: a local referendum on a property tax increase to finance the plan. "If there's unrest about our current salary system, that makes it tougher" to win the election, said Brad Jupp, a union member who was instrumental in crafting a plan and organizing teacher support for it. 

"Dispute with teachers may threaten pay plan," by Julie Poppen, Rocky Mountain News, April 7, 2005.  

"Denver union unrest may cloud future of pay plan," by Bess Keller, Education Week, April 13, 2005.

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