Sensitive readers: Avert your eyes. The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that 15-year-old Davie Miles of Kentucky's Nicholas County High School urinated in his gymnasium's ice machine. Some 30 students and staff reportedly consumed ice from the dispenser before the contamination was reported and the machine was quarantined. Panic ensued shortly thereafter. Only when county schools police chief Ben Buckler contacted the state's Health Department, and was told that the incident (although "gross and morally wrong") didn't represent a health risk, were parents somewhat calmed. But why did Davie do it? A new form of territorial gang marking, perhaps? Not quite. Bullying emerged as the true culprit. Miles was reportedly so displeased with his school, so distraught by the daily teasing he endured there, that he decided public urination into an ice machine was his only remedy. "I'd do anything to get out of that school," he said. As for the ice machine, Buckler said if the school decides to use it again, it will undergo a thorough cleaning.

"Nicholas County student urinates in ice machine," by Cassondra Kirby, Lexington Herald-Leader, November 18, 2005

"Student links urinating incident to bullying," by Cassondra Kirby, Lexington Herald-Leader, November 22, 2005

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