Last week the Toledo Blade reported that Toledo Public Schools Superintendent Eugene Sanders interviewed for the top executive position at New Schools of Detroit, a nonprofit created in August by the Skillman Foundation of Michigan to oversee new charter schools in the area. Ordinarily, Gadfly might applaud an experienced education leader defecting to charter schools, but Sanders is notorious for his crusade against charters in Toledo, and indeed across the state. The Blade reports one on-the-record example of Sanders's view of charters: "I think the regretful element of the charter school movement in Ohio is reflective of individuals who don't have the best interest of children in their scopes.... They are attempting to run private types of business with public funds." If the Skillman Foundation considers Sanders a leading candidate, it's high time the NEA considers Gadfly's impressive resume for Reg Weaver's job. (Our platform: better food for union staffers!)

"Sanders interviews for charter school job," by Ignazio Messina, Toledo Blade, September 15, 2005

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