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Liam Julian

Larry Rosenstock and Jennifer Husbands
The Charter Journal (Not available online)
September 2005

When High Tech High realized that its teachers, once exempt from state credentialing requirements, would have to meet similar standards under No Child Left Behind, the school complied with the law, albeit in its own way. A top-performing charter in San Diego, HTH took the bold step of creating its own teacher-training program instead of simply adopting one of the many offered by the state. That program launched in August 2004, following a four-year development process (and bare-knuckled battles with regulators). High Tech High took pains to create a preparation experience that would truly enlighten and edify its participants. The program is "embedded in the daily practice" of teachers, and it integrates onsite training specific to HTH with larger, overarching instruction that would be applicable in any school. We salute their resourcefulness - and their doggedness. When faced with what could have been an unpleasant distraction, the school's leadership thought creatively and turned the accreditation requirement into a positive addition.

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