Donald R. McAdams
Teachers College Press
January 2006

Veteran Houston school reformer (and 12-year school board member) Don McAdams, who also leads the Center for Reform of School Systems, authored this 175-page handbook for urban board members who want to reform their school systems. As former Education Secretary (and former Houston superintendent and school board colleague) Rod Paige says in the foreword, the book offers "a comprehensive theory of governance described by a simple conceptual framework that encompasses all the work of a reform board. Everything is here: from big ideas about core beliefs and theories of action for change, to the fundamental relationships and processes by which boards and superintendents work together, to the leadership responsibility boards have to build community support for sustained change." This volume may not get as large a readership as would benefit from it - so have a look, and spread the word. You can obtain ordering information here. (Be warned: it's pricey for a paperback.)

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