Fifteen-year-old Gaurav Rajav will not be receiving an Xbox 360 video
game console this month. That's because the high school student, who
hoped to recite 10,790 digits of Pi, and whose parents promised him the
Xbox if he met that goal, could muster only enough intellectual stamina
to correctly recite 8,784 numbers. "I'm kind of disappointed," he said,
"but I guess I did OK." Sure, Gaurav, you did OK-if your goal was to
remember 8,784 digits. But it wasn't, and there's a pretty large
difference between 8,784 and 10,790. We doubt, for example, any of our
subscribers would think it OK if Gadfly missed its publication goal by
only 3,000 words. Or if, say, Congress missed balancing the federal
budget by $3,000. Inexcusable. There's hope for Gaurav, though. His
mother Seema offered to buy the video game system despite her son's
mathematical meltdown. The young man refused, and he vowed to try again
in May. Gadfly (who generally sticks to Pie-eating contests) wishes him

"This guy from Salem High does a number on pi," by Marquita Brown, Roanoke Times, March 15, 2006

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