Agnes Hitchcock is a regular at meetings of the Detroit School Board. As head of the Call ‘Em Out Coalition, which is a grassroots something or other, Hitchcock was recently arrested for assault, battery, and disorderly conduct after she allegedly hurled red grapes at school board members because they voted to close 34 school buildings (a laudable move; see here). It remains unclear whether or not the grapes contained seeds. Board Vice President Joyce Hayes-Giles was hit, though not wounded. Hitchcock was released from custody after posting a $100 bond, but she is barred from attending subsequent school board meetings and having direct contact with members. Hitchcock didn't comment on the case, but her attorney, William Hackett, told reporters his client was being unfairly singled out. "It's my understanding," he said, "that my client wasn't the only person who had grapes." Rumors of raisins abound.

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"34 Detroit schools to close," by Chastity Pratt, Peggy Walsh-Sarnecki, and Lori Higgins, Detroit Free Press, April 5, 2007

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