Gadfly endured lots of taunting as a larva ("88 eyes," "bug-brain"). But his heart truly goes out to 5-year-old Max Hell of Australia. As if the ribbing from his peers wasn't enough--"Max Hell smells!" or "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!"-- officials at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic school in Melbourne recently refused to admit young Max unless he registered under his mother's maiden name. Hell's parents refused and took the story to Australia's Herald Sun. Confronted with the threat of such damnable publicity, the school relented. But Max's father, Alex, was less than forgiving: "We are the victims of our name", not to mention a misunderstanding of the word's true meaning. According to Alex, the Australian roots of Hell mean "bright." He may be etymologically challenged, but when it comes to Max's education, Hell's flames are indeed burning bright.

"Catholic school opens gates to Hell boy," Associated Press, July 9, 2007

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