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Jeffrey Howard

National Council on Teacher Quality
June 2007

This report is the first in a series of "yearbooks" to be produced by NCTQ that rank the efforts of state governments to improve teacher quality. Actually, this is 51 reports, each of which analyzes a state's data, policies and practices. The results are mostly grim: The top of almost every state analysis is graced by such phrases as "unsatisfactory," "languishing," or "needs significant improvement." For example, 42 states do not require elementary teachers to have studied American history, 44 lack a genuine alternate route to certification, and 48 grant teachers tenure after four years or less (North Dakota gives tenure after only one year). But NCTQ isn't all doom and gloom. It energetically praises states with sound practices in key areas, lauding Florida's teacher-pay reforms, for example, and Pennsylvania's tough evaluation policies. Overall, the report is best read as a battle-plan for state governments, a call-to-arms that delineates clearly and succinctly the next steps for improving teacher quality. Find it here.

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