They take their coffee seriously in Washington State, and school district employees are no exception. The Seattle Public Schools administration building has a self-supporting deli that offers espresso drinks brewed from a $6,000 machine (which, according to spokesmen, has paid for itself). The Tacoma district admin building has espresso carts, which are run by special-education students, who gain work experience and barista skills. But the Edmonds School District takes the cake. It recently purchased a $15,000 espresso machine for its administrative offices. The coffee doesn't come free; if employees want a doppio, they have to pay for it. But the prices are cheaper than Starbucks, and thirsty staff members don't have to leave the building for a quality cup. Revenue funds the food-service operation (and will also pay for a certain $15,000 coffee pot). Gadfly, a caffeine addict, wonders: Is the Edmonds School District hiring? 

"District's new espresso maker brews up a few questions," by Lynn Thompson, Seattle Times, June 6, 2007

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