Elizabeth Logan is 41 years old, makes $69,000 annually, and has been teaching elementary school for 20 of those years. But none of those facts was enough to stop her from (allegedly) stealing a third-grader's winter coat and attempting to sell it on eBay. Logan was busted when the girl's mother, thinking the coat forever lost, began searching the auction site for a replacement and stumbled upon the errant garment. The police got involved, and Logan was arrested. But the first-grade teacher denies stealing the coat. She told investigators that she merely discovered it in the lost and found and decided to auction it on eBay. Then, in an ironic "dog ate my homework" twist, Logan claimed her pet canine tore the coat to pieces. Meanwhile, she continues to enjoy a 99.9 percent seller rating on eBay. Gadfly says caveat emptor, and shame on Logan for stealing clothes from 8-year-olds!

"Teacher Accused of Stealing Coat from 3rd-Grader," by Holly Danks and Melissa Navas, The Oregonian, May 3, 2007

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