Cyber charters in the Hoosier State have been lost in a broken legislative server. Seems that senate Republicans had put together a budget to allow two virtual charter schools to open with $21 million in public funds. But the deal collapsed at the witching hour when Democrats struck out the bucks for virtual learning establishments. Rhonda Eby, head of one of the spurned schools, said "things just fell apart over the weekend, and we really don't know what happened." The "what" may be a mystery, but the "who" certainly isn't. Besides the Dems, the Indiana State Teachers Association led a campaign to deny public funds to the cybers. The defeated educators aren't easily deterred, however. They're seeking private dollars to open this fall and serve the 2,200 students already signed up. And Eby plans to be back in two years for the next budget battle. "We'll come back fighting," she said. Let's hope the legislature's a bit more user-friendly then.

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"State yanks plug on virtual schools," eSchool News Online, May 8, 2007

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