The Gadfly's been leading a fleet of one against the Think Tank Review Project. On two occasions (see here and here), we've launched counterattacks against this faux impartial outfit, whose reviewers bombard research by organizations friendly to school-choice issues in particular and education reform in general. Now Linda Seebach--always an astute observer, even when she pans Fordham--has seen the problem. A recent column notes that this "research group" is funded with National Education Association money. (It comes via grants from the Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice, a nonprofit that in turn is funded by the national NEA and NEA affiliates in the Great Lakes area.) Project co-director Kevin Welner tells Seebach that (in her words) "there is no intention on anyone's part to make the project political." But look at the "Think Tanks That Are Currently Being Monitored" by TTRP page on the Great Lakes site. Fifteen are listed, every single one of them a friend of school choice in its various forms. Bombs away.

"Think tank project exists to please NEA," by Linda Seebach, Rocky Mountain News, April 28, 2007

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