The Gadfly is required reading for California's appellate court judges. Or so we assume, because the state's 2nd District Court of Appeal last week took our advice and overturned its horrendous March decision--a decision that provoked a chorus of criticism, to which Gadfly added his full-throated voice--to proscribe home-schooling in the Golden State. The judges admitted they had erred (oops), and California's parents may now resume legally teaching their children at dining room tables from Calexico to Smith River. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger praised the development. "This is a victory for California's students, parents, and education community," he said. "This decision confirms the right every California child has to a quality education and the right parents have to decide what is best for their children." For so many reasons, we couldn't agree more.

"Parents may home-school children without teaching credential, California court says," by Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times, August 9, 2008

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