Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd seems to have learned a lesson or two from the education policies of his conservative predecessor, John Howard. Rudd is moving toward a transparent accountability system that will show parents how their children are faring academically and show the state how schools that enroll similar student populations fare against one another. "There may be a bit of argy bargy on the way through but I think it's time to do this," said Rudd. He predicted a backlash from teachers' unions. But , "we're prepared to have an argument if that's necessary ... you can't simply allow our kids to be in schools which are consistently underperforming." Quite true. Seems that what's happening in Denver is happening Down Under: Liberals concerned with doing right by poor kids are finally revolting against the unions.

"Prime minister to take on unions over education reform," by Samantha Maiden, The Australian, August 28, 2008

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