Bill Bennett's superb two-volume U.S. history, America: The Last Best Hope, is beginning to be adopted as a text by school systems and is now accompanied by all manner of useful educator tools and its own hefty, bumptious (like Bennett himself) history-education-makeover project. Of particular value is the "Roadmap," with ample, high-quality online resources for both teachers and students, and "Team HOPE," a group of outstanding educators who are pushing for such a makeover. The non-profit Milken Institute is helping to make this happen (and involving a number of Milken prize-winning history teachers) as, of course, is Bennett's publisher. This is particularly timely in view of the strong recommendation of the new Bradley E Pluribus Unum project that the teaching of U.S. history get a lot more attention in our schools (and universities). You can find out more about "Team HOPE" and Bennett's books here and here. You can learn more about the Bradley Project here.

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